Dienstag, 17. November 2009

Voting for WTW Intensive 2009

Dear Dancers,

This update comes with the reminder for our Voting on Themes and Subjects in this years WinterDanceWeek Intensive 2009. In our new Forum, you are able to vote for your favourite Styles and Themes on this years Event. Please find all Information here:

Our old Forum was not longer up to date and so I took it from the net. Most articles will be moved to the new Forum within the next weeks. Old members please register again, because your data could not be moved to the new Forum because of the change of Forum-Provider. Sorry for this inconvenience, but you will find a new and modern Forum with your new Registration.

We are looking forward to your Posts and hope, that we will be able to build a strong and active Community on the new Forum as well. With this thoughts I wish you a happy and not so rainy November...

Best wishes