Donnerstag, 17. September 2009

Guest Teachers 2010

Dear Dancers,

please find attached current information for the upcoming projects with guest teachers from all around the world for 2010. I'm very proud to introduce you the following events:

From 19. to 21. March 2010 comes Sahra Saeeda (USA) for her Journey through Egypt Project to our studio in Leipzig (Germany). Sahra is one of my main teachers for years now and I can really recommend her lessons to any dancer who is interested in Egyptian Dance. Subject for JtE in 2010 will be cultural and historic information as well as knowledge about costumes and dancing. I am really looking forward to this!

From 23. to 24. October 2010 Katjusha Kozubek will teach for the Romany Dance Project in our Studio. Romany Dances are one of my favourite styles. I know Katjusha for years and she is one of the best teachers in the subject of Eastern European Romany Dances. On this weekend there will be several Workshops which can be booked seperately or as a compete package.

I will also inform you about Zarifa Zafira's Golden Age Bellydance Project with Prof. Hassan Khalil from Egypt, which will take part from 09. to 11. July 2010 in Leipzig. Subject will be the Golden Age of Bellydance with the Movements in style of the 40th years. You can get more information about this at Zarifa Zafira's space or on the website of Atelier Oriental in Leipzig:

I am looking forward to meet you at our new projects. Students who will come from more far away can stay in the studio over night as usual. Please ask me or Zarifa for more details!

Yours Maharet

Sonntag, 6. September 2009

News in September

Dear dancers,

You will find current Information about new projects for the upcoming fall an a glance to events in 2010 in this newsletter. Please find a complete list of all Dates and Locations on my website at

04./05. September 2009 *Folklore Dances in the World - Egypt* in Halle (Saale) / Germany
Folklore Dances in Egypt ist the subject in this first project in September 2009. There will be classes starting in October to get a closer look on this theme, this starting Workshops will give a general overview. Get more infos here:

12./13. September 2009 *Gothic Bellydance Project* at Atelier Oriental in Leipzig / Germany
The new Gothic Bellydance Project 2009/2010 is starting in September with the first weekend of Technique, Combinations and Choreography. Don't miss the opportunity to get on stage at Gothla.DE 2010! Find more infos here:

18./19. September 2009 *Polynesian Dances - Hawaii* in Halle (Saale)
A general Overview on the theme Polynesian Dances will be provided with this Workshop. In the second part we will have a closer look on the Hawaiian Dances. Get more Information here:

Upcoming Events in October
Tribal Fusion Class starting 02. October Fridays 18:00 h at Atelier Oriental in Leipzig / Germany
Tribal Style Dance Class starting 02. October Fridays 19:30 h at Atelier Oriental in Leipzig / Germany
Egyptian Folklore Dance Class starting 05. October Mondays 17:30 h at Physiotherapie Schröck in Halle (Saale) / Germany
Mowashahat Class starting 05. October Mondays 19:10 h at Physiotherapie Schröck in Halle (Saale) / Germany
10. October 2009 Gothic Tribal Dance Workshop at Austrienta Festival near Vienna / Austria
17. October 2009 Hawaiian Dance in Leipzig /Germany
17. October 2009 Hula Auana in Leipzig / Germany
Upcoming Events 2009/2010
11. December 2009 Dance Trip to Fantasia-Festival in London / UK
28.-30. December 2009 WinterDanceWeek Intensive 2009 at Atelier Oriental in Leipzig / Germany
March/April 2010 Journey through Egypt Project with Sahra Saeeda (USA) in Leipzig / Germany
July 2010 Golden Age Bellydance Project with Prof. Hassan Khalil (Egypt) in Leipzig / Germany
October 2010 Romany Dance Project with Katjusha Kozubek in Leipzig / Germany

More subjects, projects and events are listed on my website. You will also get informed with upcoming newsletters concerning news and details. There are more dates on my schedule, they will be posted as well on the website as soon as possible. Thank you for your interest in my work!

Best wishes
and have a nice September

Mittwoch, 2. September 2009


Dear Dancers

this is the Webblog from Alexandra Schwarz also known as Maharet while dancing. I dance and teach Oriental Dance, Folklore and Fusion Styles as well as Historic and Hawaiian Dance at several Festivals and Workshops throuhout Europe.

With a dance experience of over 25 years now in several dance styles, I teach my classes with special focus on health aspects. My classes are wellkowon for their good concepts and interesting subjects.

Among other Certificates I am certified ProvedMove©-Trainer, certified Hula-Instructor and certified Teacher of the Germany Bellydance Association. Please find more Information about me, my repertoire and my work on the websites.

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Yours Maharet